Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Northshore Company is a registered business in the United States of America as a web design and online marketing firm and is bound by the Privacy and Data protection laws of United States, as well as the International Law. It is duly committed to honor privacy and responsible and careful usage of the information of its customers. We understand and value the need to protect the privacy of our customers and website visitors. Hence, our website complies with standard privacy legislations.

Following is the privacy policy of http://www.healingthroughoils.com. It elaborates the privacy practices exercised by Northshore Company in dealing with their customers through their website. Hence the policy solely applies to the information collected via the website and no other means.

Type of Information collected

The information we collect on the website fall in to two categories:

  1. Personal information
  2. Website usage information

Personal information collected via the website include your name, address, telephone/mobile number, fax number, email address, etc… These are collected through a contact us form, in case if you want to inquire further about our services, or for a possible business venture. We collect this information, so that we can get in touch with you in future. We do not collected this information merely because you visited our website. Further, under no circumstance will we utilize your personal information for any other purpose than to communicate with you. However, there will be one exception to that rule, i.e. when we are required to submit such information to legal/state authorities to comply with the country’s law, and to prevent violation of laws or human rights.

Website usage is collected from every user’s visit to our website. This include the details about the usage volume, demography of visitors, type of information sought and other information related to how the website is used. These information is collected for the purpose of improving the website and for management and audit purposes.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small chunks of data which are stored on your computer or mobile device, by your browser. They are a primary component of most of the website, as cookies are being used to make your visit to the websites more user-friendly and smooth by differentiating you from other users, and to provide information regarding the website usage to its owner. Browser cookies are not software programs, and are not capable of harming your computer or mobile device. Further, a domain can access only those cookies stored by itself. I.e. our domain <http://www.healingthroughoils.com> can only access and read those cookies stored by our website and visor-versa.

Healing Through Oils website uses cookies to count the number of users to their website. But our cookies do not hold any information such as your name, address or SSN, that helps us identifying you personally. All data stored in our cookies are anonymous. Northshore Company website uses cookies only when it’s necessary, either technically for the website to function or for marketing purposes to collection information on the website traffic.
If you need to learn more about the usage of cookies, please read the following:
Microsoft Cookies guide

Email Policy

Healing Through Oils website allows you to join our email list. When you subscribe we send you monthly newsletters, information on valuable offers, service updates and any other business related information. You always have the liberty to opt out of receiving further communication from Northshore Company All our emails will have an unsubscribe link, clicking on which you will be unsubscribed from our email subscription.


Northshore Company bears the sole ownership of all the content on this website, including text, images, videos, testimonials, icons and downloads unless otherwise stated. All the content is protected by the international copyright laws and the country laws. The design and compilation of all the content is the exclusive property of Northshore Company and is protected by the international copyright laws and the country laws. Under no circumstance it is allowed to reproduce, republish, download and distribute its content by any means, without prior consent of Northshore Company

Policy Updates

We may, time to time, update our privacy policy, in which case you will be informed about the updates via the website. Alternatively, if you opt to receive email updates from us, we will send you an email to alert you about the policy changes. We strongly recommend you review the policy updates in order to understand the privacy policy that is in effect regards to our website.

We welcome your concerns, questions and feedback about our privacy policy.

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