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Traditional Business vs. Network Marketing

Why this business opportunity?

It’s no secret that there are a lot of work-from-home business opportunities, so why would you want to choose dōTERRA for your business? Let’s first address the contrast between starting your own traditional business vs starting a network marketing business.

Working for someone else longterm was never in the plan for me or my husband. Being the pawn in someone else’s life plan was not role we wanted to play. We knew that owning our own business could give us more freedom than a employer/employee situation could. So we started our web development company and for seven years prior to starting our dōTERRA business my husband and I worked hard to find the freedom we thought we would find with business ownership. What we quickly found was that most small business owners were responsible for wearing all of the hats (sales, marketing, customer service, quality control, development, accounting, and the list goes on and on). While the business was successful we didn’t find the freedom we were hoping for. We always felt chained to our clients’ needs and we were constantly trying to find the balance between too much work and not enough work. It was a stress on our credit, our marriage, and our family.

Network Marketing

I, like so many others, had a lot of hesitation when it came to network marketing. It has a fairly darkened reputation of being a deceitful pyramid scheme that requires you to hold an abundance of unused product in your garage in the hopes that someone will finally buy the goods you’re selling. A lot of people picture used car salesman when they think of network marketing. While there are companies who fit the bill, most don’t. Most companies are legitimately trying to build a honorable company with the word-of-mouth sales model. I never thought in a million years I would ever associate myself with network marketing, it was just too non-traditional for me. I had even used (and loved) doTERRA’s products for a year and a half before I would even give the business opportunity a sideways glance. So if you have hesitations just know that I did as well.

There are many benefits to Network Marketing but here are my top 9 reasons:

  1. Low Cost of Entry – Much less than starting a traditional business
  2. Flexibility – You own your schedule & you can work from anywhere
  3. Residual Income – It keeps providing an income even if you take time off
  4. Allows You To Help Others On A Massive Scale – What is the point of life if we just live it for ourselves?
  5. No Commute – You can work from home, on a plane, or on a train. 🙂
  6. No Inventory – Unlike traditional business you don’t have to keep product on hand unless you want to.
  7. Training – We teach you everything we know. Your success is our success.
  8. International Possibilities – Growing an international business helps secure your income against the ups and downs of any one country
  9. You Are Building Your Own Dream – More than anything you get to dream again! Shoot for the moon!

Why dōTERRA?

Like I said, I never imagined that I would pursue a career in network marketing. When I finally gave the business opportunity a look and I was able to compare it with a traditional business, I got excited. I didn’t have any lofty visions of this being a huge financial contributor for our family (at least not at first) but I could clearly see how I could make a few hundred dollars a month. As I contemplated getting behind a company there were a few things that really stood out to me about dōTERRA. They are the reasons why I was willing to put aside my prejudice of network marketing and give this a go.

  • – It was the basis of my decision. If I was going to jump off the deep end and join a network marketing company I wanted to know that I could, without hesitation, stand behind them. I looked at other similar companies and there was no comparison when it came to the integrity level of the founders. doTERRA has seven founders, which is unheard of in any business model (traditional or non-traditional). What I like about having so many founders is that everyone gets an equal say in how the company functions. There isn’t just one or two people at the top that have egos to manage but seven that keep everyone in balance. It creates security and consistency. Oh, and did I mention that dōTERRA is a debt-free company?
  • Quality – I had already fallen in love with the products before I looked at the business model but as I contemplated recommending them to others I wanted to know that they were the best available. I searched and called around and conducted my own research. If I was going to take this to the next level I needed to know that I could also stand behind the quality of the products. What I found was an unparalleled level of quality. There isn’t another standard within the essential oil industry that provides what doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade does. The testing process alone is second-to-none. After all the years of being in this business I’m still convinced I’ve found the best quality of essential oils on the planet and that I’m safe in recommending them to others.
  • Product Demand – Our healthcare system is broken and millions of people are searching for a solution that isn’t about treating illnesses but about preventing them. Through eating right and taking care of our bodies better we have the ability to save billions in healthcare costs but also change the quality of life for generations. Essential oils are a key piece in providing the masses with viable options to help them take control of their health. This product is in demand which leads us to our next key point.
  • Retention Rate – Due to the products being so in demand they essentially sell themselves and in turn they create customers for life. When you sell jewelry or trinkets people generally make a one-time purchase and don’t re-order for months or years, if ever again. With essential oils the need is always there, so the demand is always there, so the purchases are always there. This means that instead of having to recreate your customer base every month you actually have the ability to reach new levels of success faster. The industry average retention rate is around 11%. doTERRA’s retention rate is around 65-70%! That means that you retain more of your customers month-after-month which allows you to build a solid business.
  • Mission – doTERRA has heart! Their mission encompasses not just selling the purest oils on the planet and providing the best business opportunity in the industry but it also includes taking care of their worldwide network of artisans and distillers, as well as the communities that these beautiful oils come from. Through dōTERRA’s non-profit Healing Hands Foundation they have donated millions of dollars to community projects (building schools, clinics, water wells, and more), Microcredit Lending, Days for Girls, and Operation Underground Railroad, as well as support many Wellness Advocate Partner Projects. One hundred percent of all donations to the Healing Hands Foundation go directly to those receiving aid. dōTERRA generously covers all overhead and administrative costs of the foundation. In 2016 Forbes even named dōTERRA No. 10 as America’s Best Employers. They do good in every aspect of their business.

When you combine the integrity, quality, how in demand the product is, the record breaking retention rate, and the worldwide reaching mission of dōTERRA, it becomes pretty easy to see that this company is a safe bet when considering who you want to partner with!

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